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My name is Marshall Kregel and I own I've been in the militaria and camping gear business for over 20 years and usually set up at the major gunshows around North Texas and Oklahoma.

 I created my first Tincross website to display wartime photos in my collection, and sell some books and dvds on the side. Slowly, the business grew and I began picking up more items. Eventually, I signed on as a dealer for some major U.S. manufacturers and distributors. I've got a lot of experience in the camping and survival business and dedicated this website to those types of items. I only pick the best products and only deal with Top-Notch manufacturers. 

 Tincross got into the manufacturing business when we designed and built our first camping grills. We now build the steel grills in multiple sizes and occasionally do custom work, depending on whether our machinery will handle the size and shape of the request. Now, we are expanding our steel products and hope to offer additional products in the near future.